Inspired by travel. handmade for you.


IARA (pronounced yiah-rah) is an artisanal, handmade and individually designed line of beaded jewelry made in Seattle, WA.


OUr story

Fiona O'Leary Sloan, the owner and maker at IARA, lived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in her early twenties and was inspired by the bright colors and fluid femininity of Rio’s samba, surf, and conflicted heritage. Combining this inspiration with the beadweaving techniques traditionally employed by Native American tribes in her home state of New Mexico, Fiona founded IARA in Detroit, Michigan in 2014 to unite these passions into beautiful, wearable artwork. Having relocated to Seattle in 2015, she continues to believe that everyone should own at least one handmade item, and seeks to make that dream a possibility through her artwork.


Fiona O’Leary Sloan is the Founder, Owner, & Maker at IARA. Inspired by her travels and time spent living around the world, she founded IARA in 2014 to unite her passions into beautiful, wearable artwork. She is a Venture for America alumna.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.
— Pat Conway

Our jewelry

Fiona, the founder and maker at IARA, makes each piece of jewelry by hand in her Seattle studio (read: her living room). All pieces are designed and handwoven in Seattle, Washington using the finest quality materials. Each piece is inspired by, and named after, a place in the world that Fiona has either visited or wants to visit. No two pieces are alike. Custom orders are available.


Where does the name IARA come from? The iara is a figure of Brazilian (specifically Tupi and Guaraní) mythology. The word, meaning "lady of the lake" or "water queen," derives from the Old Tupiyîara: y (water) + îara (lady). When portrayed in other cultures, the iara is usually represented as a siren, water nymph, or mermaid.